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Character Creation Guide and help Center

Post by Lord James on Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:10 am

First, the Username of your account should be the Name of your Character so if it is not, please do change this. This makes it easy to contact owners of characters without having to search multiple forums.

Two, you don't need to add background info. This will be created over time as characters develop in the role plays.

For Craft/Trade, pick three that help you best in the rank you want to accomplish. For instance, if your going for a warrior, then use a craft/trade that helps build a strong body and so forth. Simple?

Mates: If you don't have one then ignore this but if you do and he/she agrees then you may announce this publicly by request a moderator to edit your posts on the members log and add this in.

If you need further help, post below, guests are free to post below as well for help. If you believe something should be added or that i missed something then by all means say so. Thank you!

Sorry guests, I can't get the permissions to work properly so I will open a separate forum for you to post and talk to us on.
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