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Post by Lord James on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:44 am

General background info: 100 years after a zombie apocalypse he world is been cut down to just a few places remaining. First, just about every subdivision and city is laying in ruins and decayed.There are three major cities existing. One in what was George, France, and Britain. These three are now the center of humanities existence and roughly have a population of just over 10 thousand.

Before an argument arises, most modern equipment has been scraped or is wrecked. Resources to build ind maintain weaponry of that style is greatly limited and only two of the cities have a small arms stock of them. The newer 'modern' weapons are asid and heated rounds.

Sense we are in a Si Fi place here please excuse the fact these may not be currently possible. Anyway, heate rounds are like laser or plasma rounds. The difference is this has a solid projectile. When fired, the tip of the barrel has a band that heats up rather quickly. This causes the shell to heat up just after coming free and continues to do so. The round design is to penetrate much stronger armor and to cause more fatal damage. Because of this the round itself slowly shrinks as if being melted. The only trace of the bullet is the molten mains tearing apart your body.

The aside round has a similar function however this shell is made to break on impact. Because of that its more of a close range weapon, being as the force form the gun firing would destabilize the shells stability and not long after being shot, break up and splatter aside everywhere. The aside is deadly enough that it will eat apart anything. However, as aside tears apart a target, the aside itself evaporates, so time is limited and a good aim helps.

Outside the two cities o have lesser camps. These lesser camps can't afford stuff from the big city and thus are forced into lesser tech. This though also acts as a challenge. There is reasoning behind this to keep the military power of the humans and the enemy balanced. With that said, I will get the first post up soon. This RP has no story line, just a setting.
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