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Post by Lord James on Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:31 pm

So, this section has been made for you, members of this clan to share characters that otherwise do not show up in most of our role plays. So what can you do with this?

First off, you can post details about your characters. Anything you like really. Even include an image and give your character a face! Take it as you like! This will be a saved and official collection of any character you want to post on here. The best part is, it does NOT have to be an elf! Very Happy

So how do you do this? PM me the Admin of this cite or any admin you know of, and ask them for permission to make a topic under your name. The title of the topic must include your real name, not your main characters name. Or a nickname if you so choose. The topic created under your name is YOUR topic. Only you can post Characters in that topic and no other. Respect everyones collection.

For comments, post how you want to receive them in the first post. After that, collect away!

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